What is it you'd say you do here..?


I first read this phrase when thumbing through TSR's Cyberpunk 2020 Player's Guide. In this game, a fixer is someone with his or her finger on the pulse; they deal in information, and they make sure whoever's asking gets to the right person for the job.

It seemed a fitting title for someone who can see a big enough picture to know the players of the game, but is willing to put a little skin in it themselves. Sort of like an officer commanding troops on the ground, rather than from the war room. I may not be an expert in crafting the huge invasion battle plan, but I am okay with making things up on the fly when the drop goes fubar. I like being part of the creative process, and I enjoy getting my hands dirty when making things.

Later, I learned that Olivia Pope wears the title Fixer for what she does. I am not a fixer in this sense! As cool as it would be to be Olivia Pope...

You could say I literally fix things, since I've worked a bit as a mechanic, but the true spirit of my title is more like the Cyberpunk phrase above.